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Hi ! I am Durlabh Gogoi, a web-designer and developer. I am here to provide you a hassle free and fun website building experience that not just realizes your organizational goals but also catches the viewer’s eye.
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Website Design

The are more than 600 million websites all over the internet, to shine among all of these the most important aspect of your website is its design, it should be simple and comprehensive yet catches the viewer’s eye. We design and optimize our websites as per current design trends making both your UX and SEO top notch. We also cater to your Branding and Brand identity with Logo design and illustrations.

Website Design
I have been building websites since my college days and have also worked professionally with various web and digital agencies in Bangalore and Pune. I am well experienced to provide you with a website that not only meets current standards but also looks beautiful.
Branding & Logo
Whether you are brand, an organization or any business. The first thing about your identity is your :“LOGO”. Your Logo should convey your organizational goals while remaining simple and beautiful.
Whether you are designing a flyer or a poster for an upcoming event or a product launch, you need some nifty illustrations to go with it, look no more. I have been illustrating ever since and can definable sketch out whatever your requirement may be
Dynamic Websites or CMS
CMS is Content Management System, which is used to manage your online contents dynamically. CMS is suitable for websites whose contents might change over time or periodically. Changing contents by modifying your codes every time might become an overhead for your site and would require dedicated technical support. So to avoid such hassle you can easily manage and create contents and your entire site without any technical knowledge. The most popular CMS are WordPress, Jumla, Drupal etc. We have expertise on most CMS systems and can build your site on any CMS as per your needs. We can also build a Custom CMS for your as per your requirements.
Static HTML Pages and Templates
Not all websites require to be dynamic in nature, from a security and SEO view point static websites have advantages over dynamic sites and will significantly be better in performance. Static sites are suitable when your contents don’t change often however for making any significant changes to these sites will require certain technical expertise. We follow current industry standard policies and design trends to provide you with a site that stand out among the crowd.
Maintenance & Updates
I provide complete free maintenance and updates for 1 year after deployment. You can always extend the support for a minimum cost. I also provide a comprehensive training on maintaining your website and running it smoothly post deployment so you don’t need to hire someone to maintain your website.

Website Development

In today’s world of social media and the internet, your digital presence is one of the most important aspect in realizing your business and organizational goals. Your website is the window for the rest of the world to take a sneak peak into your services or products, making it easier for them to interact with you. We are well experienced and skilled to build your perfect website.

Featured Work

Website Development – Online Research Journal was built as an online publication platform for research journals and papers. This journal is published bi-annually from Silapathar – Assam. Head over to Tharjournal to publish your paper now. Client – Tharjournal Technology – WordPress Duration – 3 Days

Website Development – A Literary Blog

Belijaanveer is the amalgamation of Beli and Veer, Beli represents the Sun and Veer represents a warrior. Belijaanveer is an warrior on a journey through word to realize themselves as the rhythm of their own voice through their poetry and articles. Client – Gitima Deka Technology – Wix Duration – 2 Days

About Me

Hello! I’m Durlabh. I’ve Been Building Websites for more than 5 Years

I have a Bachelors Degree in Computer science and engineering from MVJ College of Engineering I have also worked with various webdesign and development projects in Bangalore and Pune and have provided satisfying services to different clients for more than five years. I am currently situated in Dhemaji – Assam and available for hire and freelancing works.

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I had a great experience building my website with Durlabh, he was very professional and set me up with my website within a week Gitima Deka

Associate Professor - English, , Silapathar College

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